Thursday, April 26, 2007

IRISH ECHO: Who's the new McCain?

Who's the new McCain?
Kennedy needs GOP partner in reform push
By Ray O'Hanlon

Senator Solo needs a pal. With Senator Edward Kennedy's alliance with John McCain on the immigration reform issue having more than a whiff of mothballs about itself lately, Kennedy is in need of a new Republican partner to share the heavy lifting as the reform debate yet again faces a crunch time.

Reform boosters, not least Kennedy himself, have repeatedly made the point that if a comprehensive reform bill is to succeed it must do so as a result of bipartisan support in both the Senate and House of Representatives. This if for no other reason than there is certain to be equally bipartisan opposition ranging from passive to virulent.

"Only a bipartisan bill will become law. There is a lot of common ground, especially in the need to strengthen our borders and enforce our laws, though important differences remain to be resolved," Kennedy said in reaction to President Bush's recent immigration speech, delivered at the border with Mexico in Yuma, Arizona

"Now what is needed is a good faith effort by all concerned to forge the right kind of compromise that honors our commitment to our security, our commitment to families, and our commitment to our humanity," he said.


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