Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Catholics urge Congress to pass immigration reform

April 17,2007
Catholics urge Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform

WASHINGTON (CNA): Catholics from across the country will visit Capitol Hill this week and urge lawmakers to pass comprehensive immigration reform that is in line with proposals presented by the U.S. bishops.

The march on Capitol Hill is part of an April 17-19 conference that will bring together social justice leaders, diocesan directors, and others active in the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Justice for Immigrants campaign.Mark Franken, executive director of the U.S. bishops’ Migration and Refugee Services office, will give the opening presentation.

The theme for the gathering is “Offering Hope, Promoting Justice.” Participants will share ideas, strategies and best practices for educating the Catholic community about key elements of the bishops’ immigration reform proposals.

The U.S. bishops have consistently advocated for comprehensive immigration reform that includes:

- An earned legalization program that allows undocumented persons to earn permanent residency

- A guest worker program that protects foreign-born workers and safeguards against the displacement of U.S. workers

- Family-based immigration reform that reduces waiting times for family reunificationRestoration of due process protections for immigrants

- Policies that address the root causes of migration.

Other speakers at the three-day conference, held at the Hilton Washington, include Kevin Appleby, the director of the U.S. bishops’ Migration and Refugee Policy office; Frank Sherry, the executive director of the National Immigration Forum; and Mirna Torres, the director of legalization and advocacy for the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.



holy cow said...

Policies that address the root causes of migration.
The Catholic Church? Address the root causes of migration? I don't believe it.
Well, she (Holy Mother Church) need only look out her front steeple. Not only is the Church totally against abortion, and birth control, but actively encourages Her congregation to have as many children as humanly possible, since they are "gifts from God".
The root cause of migration is overpopulation, and the root cause of overpopulation is high birth rates. It's that simple.
The Church is never going to admit to this, and consequently never going to own up to Her own role in this global historic massive fraud. They'll try to cover it up instead.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Anti-Catholic DaVinci Code-esque conpiracy theories do not erase the very real need for comprehensive immigration reform in this country. I am not a big supporter of the Church, but if they can use their clout to press for the governmeent to help people who need help, fair play to them.

Support from the Church shows that the right and left are seeing eye to eye on this countries need for comprehensive immigration reform.

By the way, don't buy the population control mumbo jumbo, folks.

That talk just another red herring cooked up by the well-funded Anti-Reform/Anti-Immigrant Lobby Groups designed distract people and put an environmentalist mask on their racist xenophobia. What nonsense. They blame immigrants for everything under the sun, economic problems, crime, and now worldwide population control.

Next thing we know, they'll be telling us two undocumented Irish scaffolders and a priest are responsible for Iran having nuclear weapons.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the two bloggers before me are against the Catholic Church and all it stands for.
The inference from their comments is that they have a problem with the way the Church interprets the Gospel. I do not know of any passages in the Bible that would condone the taking of a life.... via abortion. Every life is indeed a gift from God, but the Church does not insist on continuous uncontrollable procreation.

I would suggest that they reflect on what is important in life and not underestimate the power of prayer.

I pray that, God willing, there WILL be Comprehensive Immigration Reform this year that will benefit the undocumented Irish in the U.S.

Fr. Fred

Anonymous said...

Many Americans would not mind giving citizenship to the illegal immigrants. The reason you hear them talk unfavorably about illegal immigrants is that we are paying for their stay here via tax increases. So, by legalizing immigrants most American citizens will be very content, as we wouldn't feel like we're paying their way in.

It's normally not the immigrants they're against, it is the tax increases due to illegal immigrants living here.

My heart goes out to the families and persons themselves (both european and hispanic).

Anonymous said...

Thank you Fr. Fred for keeping us in your prayers.

holy cow said...

Let's see who's munching red herring. At least our grassroots immigration reduction groups are funded with American money by American citizens. On the contrary the ILIR is funded by the Irish government, and foreign nationals. The ILIR is a foreign special interest group, there is no doubt about that.

I will be truly surprized and amazed if these words even get by the moderator (Sean) of this blog, which is hardly a free speech forum. Only 'acceptable' comments are even posted.

Anonymous said...

Holier-than-cow, seems to admit he is part of the anti-reform anti-immigrant lobby network.

These professional lobbyists are as grass roots as astroturf.

Then he tosses in another red herring: "foreign special interest group."

In one breath he tries to shut down debate by saying that Irish-American supporters of the Irish undocumented are a foreign special interest group. In the next breathe he whines about this website not posting his anti-immigrant message. Some chutzpah.