Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Southern Baptist leader Richard Land on Immigration Reform:

The legislation that will gain his endorsement will line up with four points made in the SBC's resolution, Land writes. It would:

•"Insure the federal government provides for U.S. security 'by controlling and securing our borders';

•"Enforce immigration laws, including oversight of the hiring practices of private employers;

•"Deal judiciously and 'realistically' with those in the country illegally; and,

•"Allow the people of God to act 'redemptively,' reaching out to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of all immigrants as they work toward an earned pathway of 'legal status and/or citizenship.'"

The phrase "comprehensive legislation," Land says in his commentary, "is not code for amnesty, no matter what my critics contend. Amnesty is wiping a transgressor's record clean—it is a free ride."

To require illegal immigrants to become proficient in English, pay fines and back taxes, undergo a criminal check and wait behind legal immigrants in an effort to seek citizenship after a lengthy probation is hardly amnesty, he says.


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