Thursday, April 05, 2007

9 days until the April 14th Dublin meeting - THE FERMANAGH HERALD PUTS OUT THE CALL

Rally to support Irish in America
Two Fermanagh ex-pats, Matt and Moira Reilly, who now live in upstate New York and who are active members of the Irish-American community there, are currently working with the United States Congress in Washington, DC to try and bring relief to the 'undocumented Irish' now living in the US.

Matt explains that, presently, a Bill is being introduced in Washington to bring permanent status to many of the thousands of undocumented Irish living across America.

The Bill is known as the Kennedy/McCain Bill, and Matt believes it deserves the support of Irish living both in Ireland and in the USA.

On Saturday, 14th April there is a family and friends' rally in support of the undocumented Irish living in the US. It will be held in Jury's Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin starting at 1.00pm.

"I'm calling on all Fermanagh friends to please make every effort to attend this rally", Matt added from his New York home, "and bring as many friends along as possible to help support this important cause. It's a must we get immigration reform".


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