Friday, June 08, 2007

Battle Continues as Immigration Bill Stalls

The Immigration Reform bill has been stalled in the Senate by a procedural vote. This news is clearly a setback but it does not mean that the process itself is dead.

According to Fox News

Despite the fact that it was primarily Republicans who voted against the maneuver, all the GOP lawmakers who spoke with FOX News were upbeat that the legislation could be revived soon — even within a matter of weeks, with one negotiator noting that last year's bill was first pulled from the floor by then-Majority Leader Bill Frist before it was brought back up again and passed.
We always knew this was going to be a tough battle but it's not over yet, far from it.

Dan Balz of the Washington Post called it a "failure of leadership". Click here


Anonymous said...

Come on people this latest setback is only a setback and we Irish know that we never got anything easy,We move on bigger better and stronger and we will not give up until we achieve Immigration reform we all stand together....

Anonymous said...

If this hasn't killed us it can only make us stronger, lets stay in the fight, lets do what needs to be done. When we're asked to make calls ., make those calls, when we're asked to go to Washington, get on a bus,a plane but get to Washington. The harder the battle the sweeter the reward, keep up all the hard work. As our great governor in Mass says" Together we can"
KEEP BELIEVING !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

For those of you who said it's never going to happen, please change your attitudes and make an effort for yourselves. EVERYONE needs to be onboard not just some. To reiterate the last comment, make the calls, get on the bus, volunteer some of your time. It's for your own cause. Get up now and do something and don't sit back and hope that everyone else will work on this for you. Less negative talk and more action would be very helpful to this cause and when you get involved you will feel like you earned your visa. I am a naturilized citizen and I'm making the effort, you need the visa, why can't you?

Anonymous said...

Give this a read and pass it on to others that need to hear it! It was written by retired Stamford, CT cop who was born in the US but understands the dilemna we're in.

Mother Ireland
by Mike Loughran

For hundreds of years now, I’ve sent you many millions.
I’m not talking about money, better yet, I’ve sent my children.
But now I’m hearing news,
that is deeply troubling me.
Are the Irish no longer welcome
in the land across the sea?

You used to greet us in New York harbor, with your torch held high in hand.
What has happened Lady Liberty? I just don’t understand.
My name is Mother Ireland, and I’ve sent you all my best,
It used to work out fine for all, but today you dare protest.

I’m so proud of all my children, even those that chose to leave,
So many fled the famine, English Rule and poverty.
They all rushed o’er when they heard of your streets all paved with gold,
But the streets weren’t paved, that was their job, “Grab a shovel”, they were told.

How could you put a limit on the Irish in your land?
I always taught them how to give much more than they demand.
They aren’t looking for a handout like some of the other Yanks.
My children are the best you’ve got. Is this how you show your thanks?

Have you elected politicians who have hearts made out of stone?
Some have given into pressure. Sure their backs don’t have much bone.
They talk tough on immigration laws and a mean campaign they run,
Have they forgotten their ancestors who spoke with a foreign tongue?

My children in the States have excelled in every proud profession.
They patrol your streets while others sleep and teach your kids a lesson.
They’ve worked so hard and you won’t find any race more patriotic.
So how could you have too many Irish? It’s just plain idiotic.

My sons have died in all your wars, from the Revolution to Iraq.
They helped rid your colonies of the Brits, would you like to have them back?
If they stayed home and fought for me, thirty-two counties I could claim.
But instead they fought for you and Arlington is full of Irish names.

So I ask you Lady Liberty, before it’s too late, do your older sis’ a favor,
And remind the Yanks that America’s great, ‘cause it was built with Irish labor!

Anonymous said...

We need the President to take control of this important issue as soon as he comes back from Germany.

Anonymous said...

why would we want to stay in a country that does not want us time to pack up the bags and umbrellas

Anonymous said...

Let them bring in a visa were you need to speak english also read and write it. Also have to have a high school standered of edauction .India and Nigera would then get the most visias for the lottery India had two million people and Nigera had one and half million people apply .English is the spoken lanuge in these countrys let America have what it wants good by

TOM said...


Dermot said...

I am certainly fed up with congress,I want them to address this issue once and for all!
What ever that entails. Weather it is Deporting everyone or allowing us to stay with some pathway to legalization, THEY HAVE TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND DO IT NOW!
We have to keep fighting!

Anonymous said...

That vote on thursday was a hiccup - keep reminding yourselves that this happened last year in the Senate to the McCain/Kennedy bill and we all know that that bill was ultimately passed! Make the calls and lets stick together and keep on fighting to LEGALIZE THE IRISH!!