Friday, June 01, 2007

Bush Steps Up, Again!

Today, President Bush, once again, showed his whole hearted support for the bill making its way through the Senate. The President seems to understand that the nation as a whole is looking for positive action by their elected officials on immigration reform and that inaction is not acceptable. Read the full report from the AP here.

And at a press conference today, President Bush's chosen immigration emissaries, Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, were both optimistic that the bill will win congressional approval. Read the full article from The Hill here.

I'm sure all the ILIR volunteers phone calls are helping this tide of change! Keep up the good work - even over the weekend! Answering machines are standing by...


Anonymous said...

You guys are the best! You must reach out to Asian communities as well. I get regular updates from your postings.

I skim all the blogs and I have a very good feeling about this bill. Much of the noise is coming from far right anti-immi groups. They make it appear as if they are huge. They ain't!

Let's keep pushing.

God Bless America!

doubting doug said...

how do you know that?