Thursday, June 28, 2007


Today's news is disappointing but it is not the end. For some time we have been pursuing other means of legalizing our community and we will be actively pursuing those aims in the weeks and months ahead.

We believe it is still possible that we can legalize our community, and we ask our thousands of volunteers to keep faith with the effort despite this setback.


George said...

I watched the whole thing on C-SPAN. It didn't even get 50 votes (46 out of 60 needed). Wow.

Well, what's next? What do you think it should happen now?

I think this failure by Congress to do anything about imm. reform should become a bigger issue. I don't see how this comprehensive reform can get through this Congress in another try. Maybe the next Congress, after the 2008 elections (sometime in 2009) can retry.

But, I think the best approach now would be to keep the issue hot, make it prevalent in the primaries and then in the general. Also, to try to pass piecemeal legislation, ie. legalize those who have been here for many years and have roots in their communities. Or, special skills, etc.

I won't repeat the reasons (mentioned in earlier comments) why this bill failed, but it was a lesson learned, I hope. It's up to the immigrants, their friends, and the American people to punish those who allow a broken law to remain. Any broken law, any law that doesn't address REALITY is a bad one and must be changed.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the ignorance and stupidity of Congress.They let Lou Dobbs and other mouth pieces tell them and the Americain people how to act.Congress did not act today because they were reacting to loud mouths.When a person in "show business" like Dobbs cannot even keep a staight face while reporting how can anyone believe he is looking out for their best interest and not just trolling for ratings!People who are committed to immigration reform will not forget who let them down today.Immigration Reform will happen!

Anonymous said...

I am an illegel immigrant from Asia. I work hard and pay my taxes have health insurance. I never asked for any form of assistance from the Government. Very dissappointed that this reform bill died because of politics. There was no compassion for the the undocumented (Latinos, Asians and Irish alike). We are considered pawns in a chess game. Kudos to Sen. Kennedy!

george said...

I think Sen. Kennedy deserves kudos but he may have made a mistake trying to give so much to people who were never going to support any bill to legalize imms.

Having knowledge of how the game works, you have to do a few things before you try to pass a major bill, like this one.

You counter emotion with emotion. The very vocal minority (from the conservative side) appealed to the public on emotional grounds. Our side should have done the same by presenting REAL people with real stories (like yours) of a positive American experience. Do it again, and again. This law affects people, so make it about people in terms every American can see & understand!

It's packaging the message correctly.

It's not shying away from the opponents' rhetoric.... ie. "amnesty" Counter act this by pointing out the amnesty already given to US businesses... etc, etc..

Simplicity often is better. This bill as it started and as it developed became too many things in order to satisfy many different constituents.

But, politics is the game, so this defeat should be turned into a strategy and keep the issue hot.

Anonymous said...

It just breaks my heart and a lump of pain to swallow. Watch them gloat over fellow humans who suffer...

It gives me more determination and strength and passion to push on!

Sincere thanks to all for their effort for keeping this on the front burners. We might be down and have mud on our face... but we are not certainly out! ARE WE!?!

Anonymous said...

boycott anything that in advertised on lou dobbs show

Anonymous said...

Lou is just 1 small fish in the pool. We need businesses, clergies, economists, teachers, economists, entrepreneurs, students, comman man to side with us.

Lou, Rush, Hanneti, Michel Malkin yada yada are some of the ppl the right listens to. We need time and space on primetime! On Online, TV, Print and BillBoards etc.. I have a Masters In Media Communications from a reputable NY univ and am Illegal.

I am from Asia as well and you guys have been a source of inspiration and information. Thank you all! But we need to devise our next moves. Like i said b4 we are down but not out!

Thanks Sen Kennedy. You have been an inspiration! One day I will invite you to visit my country and meet my parents. They are so proud of you. Even though they live in Asia.

cheers All.

Piece O'Mind said...

Boycott anything Irish. Guiness - no that's English. Sweaters; turf; soda bread; Irish Spring Soap; the Clancey Bros.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I want to apologize for all those "American citizens" who rejoiced over the defeat of this legislation by commenting on different blogs about lynching the first illegal immigrant they can find. I was born here, the first living child of an immigrant father who came here without a visa in the 1920's or even a birth certificate. By the time we were in World War II he was a citizen and working in a defense plant building tanks and fighter planes. He loved this country, warts and all. By the time he passed away well into his 80's he had owned two homes outright plus his vehicles. Both kids were educated, one a teacher (me), the other a registered nurse. He had grandkids and great-grandkids who have thrived in the land of opportunity. My advice to you is to keep on keeping on. This isn't over yet, not by a long site! A more modest piece of legislation may be exactly what is needed right now rather than a legislative vehicle so huge it would choke a herd of mastadons.

Anonymous said...

You don't apologize for me anonymous. How dare you assume that everyone is a narrow-minded and selfish as you?

Pessy Mist said...

You're illegally residing here from Asia; weren't the Glasgow bombers also from Asia? Last thing we need here is another yahoo loose-cannonball illegal Asian running around the US doing God-only-knows-what?

Anonymous said...

negitive posts are getting old its hard to find nice pople these days. anonymous thank you very much a true amrican