Friday, June 08, 2007


Please Call Senator Harry Reid,

Say Thanks For His Hard Work And Ask Him To Bring The Bill Back On The Floor

Call 202 224 3542 And Press #1 For A Staffer Or Press #2 To Leave A Message For Senator Reid

Please Forward To Anyone You Know Who Cares About Immigration Reform


Anonymous said...

Here we go people, we can sit and complain or we can get to work!!!!
It can take two minutes of your life now to secure your future.

Anonymous said...

Well said, we can not sit back now!
The calls work. Every one needs to be TOGETHER on this one, now more than ever, MAKE THE CALL NOW AND EVERY DAY untill immigration reform
is achived!
Do not think other people are makeing the calls and you feel you dont have to because they are.JUST DO IT! EVERYONE NEEDS TO CALL!

Anonymous said...

Keep the calls going - this is going to work if we stick at it and keep the pressure on.

Anonymous said...

I just had all my cousins (14 of them) and our family make the calls. They will ask their friends to do the same.

Let Go Guys! We need that push with all our might!

Anonymous said...

Excerpts from various Blogs:

"Proponents of the immigration bill that stalled in the Senate regrouped Friday, holding strategy sessions and conference calls aimed at salvaging the overhaul.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) and other key negotiators said they would return soon to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) with a plan to move the bill toward passage.

The challenge is to whittle a lengthy list of amendments down to about 20, convince Republican critics that they are getting adequate opportunity to air their concerns and spend only two or three days of the Senate floor time to complete the bill, senators said.

“We are not giving up. We are not giving in,” Kennedy said. “The American people expect us to legislate. I think all of us look at the Senate the old-fashioned way: We are here to get something done.”

Kyl said they “have already begun the process of figuring how to get this back together and concluded in the next few weeks.”

And Reid signaled again Friday that he would accommodate them. “We are committed to finding room in the Senate schedule as soon as possible to get this bill passed,” said Reid’s spokesman, Jim Manley.

President Bush, who has staked his domestic agenda on immigration, will go to the Capitol Tuesday to meet with Senate Republicans during their weekly policy luncheon. And Saturday he will appeal to Congress in his weekly radio address.

“I urge senators from both parties to support it,” Bush said in an early transcript released by the White House."

Sen. Kennedy God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Well done to everyone's efforts but I think now is when we need everyone to get stuck in and do a bit, its getting harder so we need everyones support.
Keep up the good work ILIR.

Siobhan said...

wow! we were calling from the west coast all day friday and Senator Reid's mailbox was full already! way to go east coast ILIR!!