Saturday, June 23, 2007

No Green Card? Pick up the phone/fax on Monday

This post is aimed at every single Irish person out there who needs a green card - pick up the phone on Monday 25 and make FOUR calls or faxes to Senators Boxer, Schumer, Reid and McConnell. Or print the faxes from the ILIR website and send them in. It's that simple.

The Senate will vote on Tuesday on whether or not to move the bill to the next process. This vote is called cloture, and if this vote fails, we fail. That's it folks. The Bill will live or die in this vote.

Why do you need to call? These four Senators are powerful enough to drive this bill out of the Senate and into the House. BUT, they are not hearing from supporters of the bill like us. The people they're hearing from are the idiots on the right, who say it's amnesty, and the idiots on the left who say it's not good enough. IT IS GOOD ENOUGH!

The folks at ILIR have put together pre-written faxes and phone scripts for you to use. Please click here to get the phone numbers, scripts and faxes. And please ask everyone you know to sign faxes and send them in.


left o'doud said...

Who you calling an Ijot?

Anonymous said...

We need to put an Irish voice to this bill.Four phone calls and four faxes are little if it helps push this in the right direction.We need to step up!!


Anonymous said...

People, I am here faxing like a mad woman and there all going through which has me worried as I was hoping the fax machines om the hill would be clogged up as everyone would be busy trying to fax, I hope the phones are being used instead. We need this, I need this, if you don't feel like doing for yourself well do it for ME!!! as I love America and will do anything to stay.