Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wall Street Journal Warns GOP over Anti-Immigrant Action

The ultra-conservative Wall Street Journal today warned the Republican party that it risked political suicide by killing the immigration bill. PLEASE KEEP SENDING THE FAXES AND MAKING THOSE CALLS

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The danger is that the GOP is sending a message to Latinos that it doesn't want them in the party. And if that message sticks, Republicans could put themselves back in minority party status for a generation or more...


George said...

That's exactly right. So, it's frustrating to see the side that has the poll numbers and the ideas for imm. reform to play to the side that doesn't want immigration reform. The GOPers who oppose this (any imm. bill) should be exposed as going AGAINST the majority of Americans who do want reform AND the legalization of the so-called undocumented.

In practical terms, those GOPers that come from very red states, may be safe, but in the same token, why do the Dems try to get Repub support by dilluting the bill with so many amendments that set the bar too high: long and expensive process?...

The Dems should have made these differences a campaign issue. In the last election, the Latino votes broke 60-40 for the Dems. With a sensible imm. reform, the Dems have an opportunity to solidify another group (as they did with the Irish, Italians, etc) in the past [when the Dem. party brought those imm. into the process] and produce a re-allignment for several generations.

Hope this bill makes it through tomorrow in the Senate.

yankee doodle said...


The majority of Americans do not want the legalization of the so-called undocumented. The majority of Americans want reform that features lower immigration rates, enforcement of the law, and good border security. Like other modern nation - like Ireland.

George said...

YD I think you're wrong. The majority of Americans do want a path to (get this) CITIZENSHIP for the millions of imms that have roots in this country. After all, these imms. are already part of our society, and have built lives & families, and they aren't going to leave.

We all know these people; they are our neighbors. I personally know (are friends with a few of them) of imms who came to this country as students 20 yrs ago. They've been here longer than in their place of birth. It'd absurd to send them back, and rather impossible to round up all the out-of-status imms. Don't you think?

Yes, you're right about reform, and a lower imm. rate, enforcement of the law, etc. But, don't compare our mess here with other countries.

The law is broken. It has already given amnesty to countless US businesses that have benefited from this hardworking, lower cost labor force--and the abuse continues.

The present law cannot address the serious problems, like changing of status, waiting periods, etc.

Go to our border to the north. What do you see? Bus loads of US senior citizens who are going to Canada to buy their medication because they cannot afford them here! Oh, btw, they're breaking federal law! What should the penalty be for this trespass????

I don't know if every sin is of equal value, but legally, not every trespass is. Those who trespassed broke the law, but since most of them have been legal and productive members of our society, but with no rights!

So, them immigrants came into our property but now are keeping our lawn trimmed, our kitchen operating, cleaning our house, teaching our kids, etc, etc.

Americans understand that a broken law serves nobody except those who profit from the abuses. Those Americans who know imms up close have even more favorable opinion of them.

yankee doodle said...

I'd really like to engage you and discuss your points. However, this is a "moderated" forum, and it is only for use by those who support the ILIR's brand of immigration reform. Therfore, if I write anything that doesn't support this fairy tale, my comments wouldn't be posted.

Therefore, I'll limit my comments to 2 areas (and I'll try to be mild about it - after all what do Naill & Ciaran care - they're probably packing their bags as we speak).

Ok - you say those illegal immigrants who have families, have roots, have businesses, have been here for 20 years - surely these good hardworking honest people deserve a path to citizenship. But then the rhetoric flipflops to the following: "We want green cards - greens cards for everyone". How many peole are you talkiong about. The former category has got to be less than 1 million. The latter category could be 12 million. it could be 20 million. It could be 30 million. There has to be a "cap" on the numbers. We are no longer the empty fontier. And we don't like to be intimidated by arrogant rhetoric.
Second point - Citizenship means being an American. Part of the nation. A Patriot. There is no compromise - no dual citizenship. Read the Oath of Allegiance. No Irish person wants to give up being Irish. They just want to live and work in America, and make lots of money and go back home and retire. That's not what's this is all about. That's milking the system. That's abusing the hospitality of the American people.

I doubt if these comments will even pass Sean's moderation anyhow. Sad for the Irish - but you cut your own throat.

Lynch Pin said...

The law's broken 'cause you broke it, Paddy

george said...

YD--We can argue about strategy, rhetoric, mistakes, time limits, and reality... Yet, the bottom line is that the vast majority of the imms are hard-working & productive people. On the whole, they are a plus not a drain to our society. Of course I recognize that we can't have open borders for ever.

I favor a realistic and practical approach, by answering questions like: what does the economy need; can (should) we deport many millions; are we running out of space; are the immigrants a burden or an asset; are they good people; are they patriots; etc, etc.

You say citizenship means being American. Well, where? Not in this country! The current imm. law gives green cards/citizenship to rich people (investors). Many who fly huge flags and wear them on their lapels, are the least patriotic... they just want to exploit the public sentiment, and get ..huge contracts from the gov. while they have a fax machine in the Bahamas as their hqrts to avoid paying US taxes! Likewise, those who talk big about democracy and the American way, and ask for sacrifices, usually are those who don't sacrifice anything. It's the 30,000 green-card holders who've served in Iraq/Afghanistan!

This country was built on dual citizenship! Since the first settlers came, on to the revolutionary war, on to Civil War, on to waves of imms from all over the world. It's normal to have an attachment to the place of birth. But, because this country gives you another chance, it allows you to hold your personal attachments (whatever they are, incl. religion), you give your allegiance to it. We never had a problem with new imms not supporting this USofA. On the contrary!

Every imm. is a consumer too, adding to the economy (it's not a zero-sum game as many have suggested). Live & work (even retire to another country) is not milking the system! Any American can do so already. I don't think the imms have a higher % than the rest in retiring out of the US. Milking the system is done by those who want to exploit the illegals.

The last Congress, passed legislation to give excemption--immigration and labor laws--to the US businesses in the Marianna Islands (US territory) so they could keep their imported (mostly Asians) workers in slave-like conditions and continue to put "Made in the US" labels on their products. That's milking the system! Exploitation with no legal rights or a hope for those workers, while the system gives the business special privileges, including amnesty.

But, it's easier to see the person who misuses a $10 food stamp, than the billions $ that are made in deals behind closed doors!

irishgirl said...

Well said George - What really gets my back up as a born and bread American is people who are hiding their racisim behind the American Flag. When we were in DC in March with the ILIR I actually had a man in one of the congressional bldngs tell me it wasn't the Irish they had a problem with. Outrageous!

As long as people are willing to work and follow the law there is no reason not to give the a PATH (which is not Amensty) to citizenship. I fully support and will continue to support the work of the ILIR. Please don't let the call for reform fade away!

Anonymous said...

well said george. now you know what your talking about a true human to man kind and all it should stand for. freedom for all not just the perfect

yankee doodle said...

You're not listening to what I said.
Besides, I don't think buying medication in Canada is illegal.
Can't waste my time on you.

Anonymous said...

lmao i think you got him george ah ah ah

dfctomm said...

You guys are funny. You can't bring yourself to see the reality. Illegal immigration has been going on for decades. In rural flyover country(where I'm from)it has always been a joke to talk about Florida or California, but now it's Kentucky, North Carolina.

The American people have reached a tipping point. When illegal immigration reaches rural areas such as SW Virginia then you know the country is saturated. Thats why immigration has become an issue. Imagine you own a home and you wake up one morning to find 20 illegal Mexicans sleeping in your living room. Thats what is now happening to the heartland of this country, and it really doesn't like it. I can see that many of you still have hope, but you should abandon it. This is not the end instead, this is the beginning.

Anonymous said...

As usual, the ideologically open borders zealots at the WSJ are full of it. Because the true situation is exactly the opposite: any politician who votes for an amnesty risks his individual political future. And the Republican Party risks its by acquiescing in an amnesty for millions of future poor voters who will, without a doubt, vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.

A bit of advice: next time, consider the source. The WSJ is concerned about businesses that exploit cheap labor more than the political fate of Republicans (or members of any other party, for that matter).

...(which is not Amensty)(sic)...

More deluded sophistry. Forget about what is an amnesty and what isn't. Try to follow along here: If you rob a bank, the ill-gotten gain is the money. Which you have to give back if you are caught and sent to jail. For someone here illegally, the ill-gotten gain is being here in the US. And Americans do not want any legislation that would allow people who came or stayed here illegally to keep their ill-gotten gain.

It really is that simple.

So keep on quibbling about the technical definition of amnesty if you want; you'll just make a laughingstock out of yourself.


Anonymous said...

what ???????