Tuesday, June 12, 2007

News Clips from CCIR June 12, 2007

More positive news in today's selection of news clips provided by CCIR. Also, check out today's Letters Page in The New York Times, seven of the eight letters on immigration support comprehensive immigration reform. Given that The New York Times is the voice of the establishment, this can only be good news!!

June 12, 2007

Bush Tries to Save Immigration Reform

Yearning to Learn Free
Wall Street Journal

Bush, Senators to Meet on Immigration
Washington Post, United States

The System at Work
Washington Post, United States

’86 Law Looms Over Immigration Fight
New York Times, United States

Editorial | Immigration Reform
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA

Immigration seen as paramount problem for US farms

Gutierrez a force behind immigration reform
Seattle Post Intelligencer

Republicans say no to Hispanic gathering
Miami Herald, FL

McCain wants to renew immigration fight
Sacramento Bee, USA

Don't give up
Orlando Sentinel, FL

Don't let immigration bill be job America won't do
Chicago Sun-Times, United States

Bay Area residents share stories of dreams, hope to deliver jolt ...
San Jose Mercury News, USA


Anonymous said...

More Excerpts from the just concluded GOP-President Luncheon:

"We think that there really is a strong base of support here," said White House press secretary Tony Snow.

"We do understand that there are some within the Republican Party who are opposed and who will not support the president, but we also understand that there are quite a number of Republicans who agree with the baseline principles," Snow told reporters.

Snow said these included "doing something serious, tangible and credible on border security."

Behind the scenes, architects of the bill were negotiating to bring the measure back to the floor. They were working to agree on a limited list of changes sought by both parties that could be considered to pave the way for a final vote that could come before July 4th.

"Like the president, many of us are very determined to get the job done and get it done now," Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, the lead Democratic negotiator, said in a statement.

By the way.... I have something for Mr. Jeff Sessons... Please sir, if you don't have any constructive solution to your ever whimpering and whining negativity, would you be kind enough to just shut up!?!

jeff sessions said...

I have no intention of ever shutting up for I work for the American people, not the Irish mafia.