Saturday, July 08, 2006


The scene was Independence Hall in Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love on Wednesday July, 5th. The "Legalize the Irish" road trippers were at it again. We were also joined by a group of local ILIR supporters.

I was there to be heard because I am fighting to stay in America.

We were there bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (the first to arrive). We simply asked if we could attend the immigration hearings. We got the thumbs up and headed in past security in our lovely green and white t shirts.

The hearings where great and extremely encouraging. The message of the day wassimple: America needs immigrants.

Many different speakers highlighted over and over again that the Senate bill was good for America much to the delight of the ILIR gang in the front rows. I was extremely moved and proud of everyone that got on that bus to attend the hearings.

It really felt like the power of one can make a difference.

We can influence the debate by putting anIrish face on the undocumented, showing that the Irish are a part of those living in America who are so desperately in need of a greencard. Almost all of the speeches where inspirational.

I particularly loved it when Mayor Bloomberg told the Judiciary Committee that those who want to try and stop hard working people who want to come to America may as well "stand on the beach and try to stop the tide from flowing." Then, in response to Senator Specter's question about what would happen to New York if all the undocumented immigrants where sent home, Mayor Mike said it would collapse. In the week that America celebrates her independence,

Senator Specter is trying to give the immigrants theirs.

- Nina


kelly said...

The film, In America says it all. Legalize the Irish!

Anonymous said...

What can be said about bloggers with poor writing skills? In all likelihood not a university graduate. Possibly just scrapped by secondary school. Definitely not an individual with extraordinary or exceptional abilities.

Studs Lonigan said...

what can be said for anonymous negative personal attacks. In all likelihood, an ill-informed hater with nothing substantial to offer the debate.