Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Rising of the Moon

The glow of the full moon fought its way through the clouds to shine down on McLean Avenue this early morning.
The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform are on the move again, fighting for comprehensive immigration reform. Fortified with tea, coffee and Lucozade, hearty delegates from the ILIR travel together to the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, DC, to attend the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on the Need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

They are tired, but they are no huddled mass. They yearn to breathe free and seek an opportunity for earned legalized status beyond the threshold of the golden door.


Anonymous said...

Hello. I listened to Niall O' Dowd today as he spoke at the senate judiciary hearing on behalf of all the undocumented and I want to say go raibh mile maith agat. I went to Washington on June 28th and was very proud to be Irish and a part of a great day. Congratulations to the ILIR you are a fantastic organisation and deserve a brave auld clap on the back.

Kevin O'Hagen said...

I heard Niall O'Dowd talk in San Francisco a few weeks ago. He claimed he could obtain a green card for each illegal Irish in about 12 months. That seems like a long time to have to wait. Who's going to stick around?

Niall got his papers in different times, back in the early 90's witrh the Morrison visas. Niall got lucky - he took a chance, went illegal, and received an amnesty. There nothing saying any of the current crop of illegal Irish will have the same kind of luck.

Studs Lonigan said...

The undocumented Irish have been waiting for years for a chance to earn their way to legalized status.

The House and Senate would be working on comprehensive immigration reform legislation right now if the House had not decided to stall and delay for cynical political circus hearings on a bill they passed last year.

Niall is working hard to convince the House to get back to work on fixing our broken immigration system. I commend him and wish him the best of luck. His hard work on behalf of the Irish undocumented is evidence of how strong a sense of community and responsibility the Irish bring to this country.

We can't miss this opportunity to bring the undocumented Irish out of the shadows and take full advantage of what they have to offer the country.

Anonymous said...

Shed loads of heat here but very little light coming from the praise for the ILIR.

Anyone care to enumerate the benefits to Joe Sixpack of legitimising 10 million or so Mexicans along with the illegal Irish?

Anonymous said...

Hey waiting another twelve months is no big deal stop the deadly negativity the Irish are great for America and love her they will stick it out and get legal and join the police force and the military and the fire department like the Irish before and Mr O Dowd will be the saviour of that I comend his efforts all of Irish America is very proud of him.