Saturday, July 08, 2006

Come out of your shell!

Get out of your Shell!

Get involved with the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform.


Anonymous said...

How about fixing the website so people can order T-shirts and wrist bands? The T-shirt button sends you directly to Paypal. The wrist band lets you purchase with a credit card but no way to add a T-shirt to the order. I don't want to use Paypal after a bad experience with them would never consider using them again.

Anonymous said...

Never mind. I just tried to order wrist band and ya'll don't take credits cards and I'm not getting tangle in with Paypal. All the best and good luck.

Frank Carroll said...

You have the tee-shirt, now get the CD! Only $5

All profits go to the Irish Lobby For Immigration Reform.

Legalize Them All
"No Paddy Left Behind" EP
Release Date: OUT NOW!

The CD by Frank Carroll will be available in all Irish bars, restaurants and shops in the
New York area. For more information and were to get your copy please contact (718) 962-4268.