Saturday, July 08, 2006

King Refuses

Know-Nothing King Meets Nobody.


Anonymous said...

Not much of a blog, eh? A handful of links and no personal contribution amount to a propaganda site. We've yet to gain an insight to Nina's conversion and source of American patriotism and Sean's eagerness for the devolution of a democracy into a mobocracy.

Oh, and the explanation of the benefits to all America of the other 12 million illegals remaining in country indefinitely if, heaven forbid, they get their wish.

Do tell all. Nina? Sean?

Anonymous said...

I only hope that Mr king recieve the same reception that he gave to Pat Doherty if he is to visit Ireland in the near future. Actually the people of Ireland all 32 counties would'nt be as ignorant to your requests as you have been to their people. Mr king Pog Mo Hon.

Daimen said...

On a job recently we had to hire more men because of the job location i had to make sure the new workers were American citzens.Only 3 people answered my add so I had to employ them only 1 could read a measureing tape and none could read.They were all born here and went to school here and people in this country have the cheek to give out about takeing your jobs I have had to give up that contract because the locals done even have basic education and who do you think is keeping your big citys going

sufferin gael said...

Peter King did so much for the irish peace process. Why vilify him for his sensible position on immigration? He's an honorable man

SEAN said...

Instead of stalling immigration reform, he should get to work on comprehensive immigration reform that keeps the Irish in America.

HR 4437 is an unenforceable enforcement only bill. Lip service. Hot air. Mass deportation of 12 million people is never gonna happen. 12 million jail cells for undocumented felons? King's position is not sensible, it is plain nonsense.

What has Pete King done for the Irish lately?

He has villified and branded as felons the hard-working, family-minded, church-on-Sunday people in my community.

He refuses to meet those who would speak with him on our behalf.

For those of us who saw Gangs of NY, it seems that Pete King has become the McGloin to Sensenbrenner's Nativist Bill the Butcher. Its time for Mr. King to act sensibly and honorably and stand up for the Irish.

Anonymous said...

Rep King recently said that the fence on the border could be electrified not the kind of current that would kill somebody, but it would simply be a discouragement for them to be fooling around with it. We do that with livestock all the time. Is this guy kidding us people are like cows, is America like east Germany now electrically fenced in where is the freedom in that, I am sorry but this does not sound like an honourable man.

Anonymous said...

this was Rep Steve King of Iowa however he was defending and agreeing with Rep Pete King of Long Island's House bill HR 4437

paddy cakes said...

America is not like East Germany. The situation is quite different, and the objective to keep people out, not to keep people in. This is perfectly legal, and justified. The electrification of the fence is acceptable, as well. Would you prefer that we shoot the invaders?
Don't you lock the door to your home?