Thursday, July 27, 2006

Incredible Shrinking House Hearings

Don't forget to visit the Cuckoos's Nest in Queens tonight for the "No Paddy Left Behind - Legalize Them" CD Launch.

Wear you "Legalize the Irish" shirt.


This summer, Know-Nothing House leadership refused to go to conference with the Senate to pass bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

Instead, the Know-Nothings showed they were Do-Nothings. They announced summertime stall and delay show-trial hearings and gave themselves a forum to bash the Bush-Senate plan for comprehensive immigration reform.

The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform remains focused on the prize of comprehensive immigration reform. Throught the summer, ILIR volunteers patiently adjusted and juggled work, child care, and family schedules each week to attend every House hearing. The undocumented Irish desperately need comprehensive immigration reform now. Faced with cynical stall and delay, the traditionally tight-knit American-Irish communities are coming closer together; attendance at weekly walk-in ILIR meetings is steadily growing; and momentum is building nationwide for a busy Autumn Campaign in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

In contrast, the House Know-Nothings, appear (at least to ILIR volunteers who attend every hearing) to be worn down. Too much of their own hot air?

At one recent hearing, several House Know-Nothings arrived late and left early. If these pre-scripted hearings are so crucial a source of information gathering, House Know-Nothings should arrive early and stay late.

Yesterday, several ILIR volunteers sat in a nearly empty gallery for a House hearing. Apparently the politics of delay, distraction and divisive rhetoric are failing to motivate and rally the Know-Nothing "base."

Today ILIR volunteers who traveled to Washington DC to attend a full day of five scheduled hearings learned that the schedule was reduced just yesterday afternoon to only two hearings. It appears the Know-Nothings are losing interest in their own show-trial hearings.

The American-Irish community cannot afford to lose interest.

Call your representatives at district offices throughout the summer.

Say you want them to pass the bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform legislation supported by President Bush and passed by the Senate.

The Bush-Senate plan provides the best chance for otherwise law-abiding, but undocumented, Irish living in America to be able to stay and earn their way to legal status.

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Anonymous said...

Great Night out FINS FURY What a great group without a doubt this C,D is next to hit the Charts Its great to see people starting to wake up to their Problem in this Country with there Status If they were more with the believe of the legalise the irish team & Fins Fury I dont think we would have to put up such a fight for GREEN CARDS.
Paddy from Mayo.