Tuesday, July 04, 2006

God Bless America! Happy Fourth of July!

As we wait for the House to get back to work on comprehensive immigration reform, the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform will be attending hearings throughout the summer.

Call your local representatives at their district offices and let them know you want to see comprehensive immigration reform passed this year.

When you are not attending hearings and calling your elected representatives to urge them to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation, you can prepare for your naturalization by taking the this Naturalization Quiz from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.


Saoirse said...

When I was in Washington with my Legalize the irish tee shirt last week, I heard about one group of Irish who had a door closed rudely in their face. Before they walked away to the next appointment, they bent down and slipped an Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform flyer under the door.

America, please don't close the door in our face. Irish immigrants have historically given their all to this nation. We have so very much more to give.

Today I am here, not because I cannot find work in Ireland, but because I love this country. I know I belong here because, among other things, my name in Irish means "freedom."

America is my home. I have not been back to Ireland for many years.

Tonight I will be the guest of honor at a rooftop fireworks watching party with American-born friends. When I got the invite I was told, "It isn't everyday that 'Freedom' herself drops in on a 4th of July celebration."

God Bless America!

God Bless the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform!

Melky said...

Up the ILIR!