Sunday, July 09, 2006

Today's NY Times carries an interesting article about the differing views about the impact of immigration on the U.S. economy. Read "The Immigration Equation," by Roger Lowenstein.

In other news, the cynical sideshow of House hearings continued on Friday in Laredo Texas.

If closing the border is so crucial, why delay action to hold hearings seven months after passing the unenforceable-enforcement only bill (HR 4437)?

The Senate Bill (S 2611) provides for border security and comprehensive immigration reform that will do something about the 12 million (50,000 Irish) undocmented immigrants already here.

Border Security is important. But don't let the House Know-Nothings distract you from the need for comprehensive immigration reform. Don't let them scare you into believing that the undocumented Irish are hiding WMD's.


Anonymous said...

In America is an awesome movie. Does that family still live here? I hope so!

DD said...

"That family" is Jim Sheridan's family. Sheridan wrote the movie with his daughter and was the director/producer of many films such as In the Name of the Father and My Left Foot. In America is based on their experiences immigrating to the West Side in NY.