Thursday, July 20, 2006

Legalize the Irish - Summer Campaign Continues

Last night, Wednesday, July 19, 2006, the Heritage on McLean Avenue hosted another crowded weekly ILIR meeting for volunteers and interested members of the public. The weekly walk-in meetings began earlier this summer. Other walk-in meetings are being scheduled in Queens, New York and cities across the country.

Speaking of Queens, the "Legalize the Irish" CD Launch Event originally scheduled for this evening has been postponed until next Thursday, July 27, 2006.

As the signboard prominently placed on the sidewalk outside the Heritage reads, ALL ARE WELCOME to attend: Those who want to get more involved and those who just want to find out first hand what the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform is doing in the Summer Campaign for comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

Attendees at the meeting heard reports from ILIR representatives who attended the July 18 House hearing and a report from the Queens delegation that was returning home from the House hearing earlier in the day (July 19).

Volunteers eagerly put pen to paper to sign up as part of the group attending today's (Thursday, July 20) House hearing and the numerous hearings scheduled for next week (two on Wednesday July 26, and five on Thursday, July 27).

Irish-America is under seige. The Know-Nothing/Do-Nothing strategy of stall and delay with hearings upon hearings on already passed bills will not deter the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform.

Heavy-handed and fear-mongering rhetoric, stacked witness lists, and loaded leading questions will not distract the ILIR from the need for comprehesive immigration reform legislation. The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform will be attending every hearing and listening to every word.

Come out to the meetings and see for yourself.

Call up your Senators and Congressional Representatives. Tell them that you support the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform. Let them know you want them to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation. :Let them know you you support earned legal status for the 50,000 undocumented Irish living in this country. Tell them you want to give the undocumented Irish a chance to earn their way to legalized status and prove they are worthy of being allowed to stay.

Legalize the Irish!

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