Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Derry Journal: Derry Bishop launches website to help 'undocumented Irish'

Derry Bishop launches website to help 'undocumented Irish'

DERRY BISHOP Dr Seamus Hegarty has launched a new website dedicated to helping the "undocumented Irish" in the United States.

The updated Irish Apostolate site - www.usairish.org - aims to provide up-to-date analysis to ensure that Irish people will have access to information on proposed legislative reforms for immigrants living in the US.

Dr. Hegarty said: "I would encourage anyone with an interest in this very important issue to sign up for our monthly newsletter available on the website. Our own Director of the Bishops' Commission for Emigrants, Fr Alan Hilliard, attended the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform organised rally in Washington DC last week. The purpose of the rally was to call for immigration reform on behalf of the 'undocumented' Irish in the United States.

"It is clear that more work is needed to ensure that the 'undocumented' receive a comprehensive reform package. We should continue to pray for such an outcome."


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