Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Irish America to Capitol Hill: Legalize the Irish

Unpleasant weather conditions of snow and rain did little to deter thousands of Irish Americans from all over the country who continue to arrive on Capitol Hill for a National Lobby Day and Rally in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

At this time, Irish Lobby for Immigration Supporters are being issued lobby packets containing scheduled appointments with elected officials and their legislative staff and embarking on a brisk walk led by a bagpiper from the staging area in the Washington Court Hotel to the Senate and House Office Buildings.

These grass (shamrock?) roots lobbyists represent several generations of Irish immigrants who have made successful lives in America and include many descendants of the Irish immigrants. They have taken this day off work to travel to Washington DC from across the country to voice their concern about the 50,000 undocumented Irish in America.

Their message is a simple one: Legalize the Irish.

At 2:00pm, numerous Senators and House Representatives will address the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform at a Rally at the Washington Court Hotel. The Senators and Members of Congress will be speaking, not only to the large crowd of Irish Americans in DC, but to 40 million Irish Americans across the country.

Their message will be simple too: Legalize the Irish.

Let's get it done.


Anonymous said...

Irish Rally for Immigration Reform
( - Thousands of undocumented Irish immigrants plan to rally in Washington on Wednesday for legislation that would give them a path to citizenship. The gathering, organized by the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform, will "cast the bitter and polarized immigration debate in shamrock green," the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported. Demonstrators are expected to wear "Legalize the Irish" T-shirts.

"Everyone reacts the same way. They don't even understand the Irish have a problem with immigration," said Lisa Handley, of Fort Lauderdale, the Lobby's Florida delegate.

"We're just a small part of the immigration wave," she said. But given the way so many Americans trace their roots back to Ireland, she added, "we're a very significant part."

Anonymous said...

Legalize the Irish from Hawaii!