Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Irish undocumented in America and their families in Ireland speak out on Ireland's Highland Radio

The phonelines of the Shaun Doherty show on Highland Radio were abuzz today with talk of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform's National Lobby Day and Rally in Washington DC on Wednesday March 7th and the upcoming Dublin meeting for family and friends of the undocumented scheduled for Saturday April 14th.

Irish Lobby supporters called from New York and family members of the undocumented in Donegal contacted Shaun to let him know they are deeply concerned about the Irish undocumented in America.

Thank you, Shaun, for allowing the undocumented Irish and their families to voice their concerns on your program.

By working together, on both sides of the Atlantic, we can Legalize the Irish.


Anonymous said...


It was fantastic. And please God more people now will make the trip to dublin.

Fiona Denny said...

the meeting went very well.. there was a very good turn out an everyone was willing to share their stories.. it was good to hear that other people were going threw the same situation