Thursday, March 08, 2007

Michael Glass, Ed.D., AOH National Chairman on Immigration urges comprehensive immigration reform:

Some Thoughts on Immigration
Michael Glass, Ed.D.
National Chairman, Immigration

Last year the US Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill, which proposed a new pathway for undocumented residents a chance to pursue permanent status in America. The House bill did not, and the differences between the two bills were never resolved in committee. Current US immigration policies are so restrictive that such a pathway to citizenship does not exist now for the estimated 40,000 undocumented Irish in the country and any of the other millions of undocumented workers.

While immigration legislation was and still is seen by some as very controversial, Irish immigration to the US has been severely restricted in recent years. As one example, between 1996 and 2005, our government issued 8.75 million visas of all kinds, but of this very large number only 13,000 were granted to those who are Irish, and this is only visas not citizenship.

Very soon new immigration legislation will be introduced in both houses. These bills will need your support. Please contact your representatives in Washington and inform them that you expect an immigration bill that is fair and just for all immigrants.



Anonymous said...

The rally was great yesterday! It's always a treat to have the Irish converge and lobby the heck out of Washington. Well done on being so organized this year. It was a great turn out.

I have one question - this has become a tradition of sorts. What will happen once the undocumented Irish are made legal? Will you all still come down for a visit to Washington?

I am always inspired and my heart touched when I hear an Irishman speak. The wit, humor and emotion of an Irishman is true sincerity.

Best of luck to ILIR!!!

Anonymous said...

The AOH were there in support of the ILIR in Washington DC. I saw a banner from the Joseph Duelk Jr. Division #1 Orange County New York.

Anonymous said...

If you come into the U.S. illegally you have no right to be here- you should be deported right away. My Irish ancestors came here legally and so did my German and Greek family. Borders, language and culture- Michael Savage

Anonymous said...

Michael, we have a newsflash for you. The door to legal immigration from Ireland is basically shut. The only means to enter to U.S. legally is via the the Diversity Visa Lottery program. This program distributes 50,000 visa worldwide annually. The distribution is based on country population. Ireland only receives 160 visa because of its small population. Do you really think that 160 visas constitutes a legal way to get here? We have a better chance at winning mega millions. The U.S. has 34 million people of Irish ancestry of which you are one. How do you think your ancestors who endured the rough and dangerous trip to get here would feel about your close minded views? We are looking for an earned path which means we will pay fines and back taxes to have a chance at the American Pie. We have the same right to be here as you have. The only person that can make your bold statement is the Native Indian and he can say that to both of us. To update you, there are plenty of undocumented Greeks and Germans here as well that will also avail of the opportunity of an earned path to citizenship should comprehensive immigration reform be passed. Those who voted to criminalize the undocumented in Congress were given the boot by the American voters in the mid term elections. Sensenbrenner and J D Hayworth are two of those that share your views and they are now sitting at home on the couch. Once comprehensive immigration reform is passed, we will be here LEGALLY too. And yes, we speak the English language so that at least removes one hurdle for you. Thanks for the encouragement. Legalize the Irish.

Anonymous said...

We not only speak english, we improved it for them.