Friday, March 23, 2007

Washington Post reports on the new bipartisan immigration reform proposal in the House

Immigration Reform Revisited
Bipartisan Bill in House Includes Guest-Worker Program
By Darryl Fears

Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, March 23, 2007;

A bipartisan proposal for comprehensive immigration reform that would allow millions of illegal immigrants to participate in a guest-worker program and possibly gain citizenship was introduced in the House yesterday, the first to be submitted since Democrats took control of Congress this year.

The proposal from Reps. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Luis V. Gutierrez (D-Ill.) is a far cry from a measure passed by the Republican-controlled House in 2005 that focused on tough enforcement actions to reduce illegal immigration. The House bill died in a conference committee along with a competing Senate bill that was similar to the Flake-Gutierrez proposal.

Flake said the legislation is needed because current laws have failed to seal the border and to stop the hiring of illegal workers. "This bill addresses that problem by bolstering border security, increasing interior enforcement, and creating a temporary worker program that's enforceable and fair," he said.

Gutierrez acknowledged that opponents of guest-worker programs inside and outside the House will try to pick the bill apart. "I know that there are those out there already revving up their fax machines, ready to malign and mischaracterize this legislation," he said.

The bill seeks to clamp down on illegal border crossings from Mexico while allowing some illegal
workers and their family members already in the United States to legally remain for up to six years if they pay a $1,000 fine for breaking the law and continuously hold a job.

Illegal immigrants who become guest workers could eventually become citizens if they have broken no additional laws, leave the country, return legally, pay a second $1,000 fine and become proficient English speakers.



Anonymous said...

Let's hope that this bill will make it through conference committee this year and will be voted on and passed. Reps. Flake and Gutierrez have put forth a bill that reasonably addresses the plight of the undocumented, and grants a path to legalization of their status, if deserved.
The reaction of Rep. Tom Tancredo is exactly what I would expect from someone who represents the bible thumping evangelical right in America. They espouse "Christian values" while not having a Christian bone in their bodies. If you are not on their side, you are the enemy. Rep. Tancredo has stated in the past that if there was another attack in the US
by an Islamic terrorist group, we should launch a nuclear reprisal on Mecca. Can you imagine this guy being president?
His comment about changing ‘the color of the lipstick they keep putting on the pig’ infers exactly what he thinks of the undocumented.

I hope this bill is a step forward to Legalizing the Irish.


Anonymous said...

Well done in the house about time yous got the ball rolling