Friday, March 16, 2007

John Duddy, champion of the undocumented Irish, enters the ring again tonight.

Good luck, John.

A message to those who will attend tonight's fight:

Look sharp. Wear your LEGALIZE THE IRISH shirt.

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Anonymous said...

From the Derry Journal:

Duddy clan off to New York
Duddy uncles and cousins are among the scores of local people travelling to New York for the Duddy Vs Bonsante 'Erin Go Brawl', taking place in the early hours of tomorrow at Madison Square Garden Theatre.

John's uncle, Patrick Duddy, speaking to the 'Journal' on behalf of the travelling Duddy clan said: "We're really excited about the fight and have complete confidence in John as always. He trains hard and is more than able for Bonsante, so we're all really looking forward to it."

As well as Patrick Duddy, three more of John's uncles are making the journey to the Big Apple too, Eddie Duddy, Kevin Green, local boxing coach Patrick McLaughlin as well as John's cousins Richard McLaughlin and Adrian Gillespie.

A life-long boxing fan, Patrick Duddy's no stranger to seeing his nephew compete in Madison Square Garden.

"The buzz and excitement of the place is second to none, and with so many Derry fans going over this time, the atmosphere will be electric!

"We've all got our matching Ireland jackets and are all set to take New York by storm!"
16 March 2007